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Lien Search Form

There are 2 ways in which a lien search can be conducted with regards to City liens.

Search Option 1 allows the user to submit a request to the city where a lien search specialist will research all liens, open permits, active cases, and utility usage on behalf of the applicant. This request provides the most detail and is retuned via e-mail on a certified letter. This service requires a $50 non-refundable payment per search.

Search Option 2 allows the user to search city databases on their own. All City lien’s (except utilities) can be searched HERE while open permits can be searched HERE. Utility CCA and usage information can be given verbally by calling lien services at 772-344-4179. There is no fee for this service.

*NOTE: Under Florida law, information regarding properties owned by certain individuals is subject to strict confidentiality. No information is available for these properties. The $50 fee for a lien search is not refundable. Please satisfy yourself that the lien search you wish to request does not relate to a protected property.

Our records may not have all liens on the property, please check the St Lucie Clerks Office for all recorded liens - Our records may not reflect all liens or assessments on a particular property. A lien search will not show cross attaching liens that encumber a property by virtue of Chapter 162, Florida Statutes. Please check the Public Records of St. Lucie County for all recorded liens - Click here

If you have any questions please contact lien services at or 772-344-4179

PROPERTY INFORMATION (one property per request)